28 June 2016

How to Flash Intex ECO 205 with SPD Upgrade Tool vR2.9.9015 Flash tool ? (Tested)

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28 June 2016
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If you have Intex ECO 205 with issue in software related like hang on logo, restarting, phone lock, screen lock etc don't worry use this method without any risk without any box here all are available for software related solution before use check first of if you want to repair your device, you can try to repair it by you. You have to charge your battery with any charger and charged it by 70%. Your data is very important for you so it is good to do a backup of your data it may consist like your contact details,your important messages, your emails or any other important thing which you feel to be the backup in your device. This backup can be done on another device. we have to do the backup because after a format of your device, all your data will be gone and it will not be recovered. For backup in other devices you can use other external device like your hard drive, sd card or any other suitable devices.If you are doing by your own.do it at your own risk as we don't take any responsibility if your device is damaged

Intex ECO 205 in any type issue software related you can easy solve using this method and this is for everyone who new fresher technician or experience technician in software related, before use remember of must be working well all are required which you can see in this method it below to be mention, different to be error when you try to flash or upgrade first of USB not recognized this error possible when micro USB not working, battery not charged, phone USB socket not working properly so if you fail with this method just write down your comment on below comment box i will soon possible to fix it, first take backup into device if live otherwise dead you can't take backup, this method use when device in dead condition also but must be in software problem in hardware device not be live

Required for Intex ECO 205

  • Intex ECO 205 Feature phone with well battery charged, do not try with low battery
  • Intex ECO 205 Flash file you can download from here | Mirror
  • Intex ECO 205 Flash tool you can download from here
  • Intex ECO 205 USB Driver you can download from here
  • Micro USB Cable with Good Quality
  • Computer or Laptop

Procedure for Intex ECO 205

  • Download tested flash file, flash tool or USB driver from the above link, if link not working just leave your comment on below comment box
  • Extract to anywhere as you like from WinRAR, Must be installed WinRAR in your Computer or Laptop
  • Open SPD Upgrade Tool vR2.9.9015 folder and choose UpgradeDownload.exe file and open it
  • Click on Flash file button and choose Intex_ ECO 205_V01_NOWTP_India _SER.pac file from the HLG_X600_011_V01 20150407 flash folder
  • Now click on Download button
  • Press and hold Center key and Insert USB Cable then wait until driver installing if already installed then downloading stat automatically
  • Wait until finished the process, do not unplug while phone in flashing mode
  • I hope you are done, Congratulation
Intex ECO 205 Flash done Screenshot:
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If any problem just write down your message on below comment box