30 May 2016

How to Recover Xiaomi Redmi 1S From Dead ? with Simple method (tested)

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30 May 2016
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This method is simple to make for everyone who wants to dead recover using this method, within two days continue working on dead phone after recovery success, and also I had many experiences with device which all type error to not flashing on dead phone, here will any type flashing error solution, really I happy to solve this problem, first time device was going to fast boot mode when I try to flash and getting error after try device not starting phone was dead, I understand battery to be low but after full charged battery and insert in device try to start but nothing, after dead using dead recovery method but not to be flashing in one day constantly try on my personal computer but getting error, second use another computer there no any type error just choose option and flashing done.

About this method:
Before use, this method must read carefully all content after following step by step, because sometimes, not success in flashing, why ? cause not properly read, and in this post giving required which for dead recovery if any missing can't solve so first need to read all are content.

Here mention on requirement for this method, first must charge battery if can't flashing, must be working Micro USB Cable and use quality, stock ROM it's must be not corrupted (note : if any error when you try to extract then not use stock ROM), must be installed USB driver in your computer this also in required without it you can't connect, must be working well device USB socket which connect for flashing after connect there not to be error like USB not recognized, computer or laptop there also must be working well USB port or also must be installed USB driver which computer or laptop's driver is different between device or computer.


  • Xiaomi Redmi 1S with good battery or also must be charged up to 70%, do not try with low battery otherwise you can't flash it
  • Xiaomi Redmi 1S stock ROM firmware, it is not corrupted source and also must be installed WinZip without it can't Extract. Download from here
  • Xiaomi Redmi 1S USB Driver Must be Installed in your computer or laptop without driver you can't connect device with computer or Laptop it's here
  • Micro USB Cable it must be working well and I suggest you use quality cable because some market cable not working properly
  • Xiaomi Redmi 1S Flash tool Download here
  • Computer or Laptop


  • Download tested ROM or Flash tool from above link (if link not working then write down comment on below comment box)
  • Go to Firmware WinRAR and please rename to .tgz, if is .gz or tar
  • Extract to desktop both WinRAR (Note : Must your firmware folder in desktop)
  • Open Mi folder and choose MiFlash.exe file and open it
  • Click on Browse button and choose firmware folder who in desktop (see below image)
  • Click on Point button near browse button and choose Advance option (see below image)
  • Choose Browse.. button to FastBoot script's and choose flash_all.bat file from desktop firmware folder (see below image)
  • Now Connect device and update driver go to My computer, Properties, Device Manager, Update driver from C:\Program File\Xiaomi\MiPhone\Qualcomm path
  • Open MiFlash tool and click on Refresh button and get automatically detect device with tool
  • Last click on Flash button and wait until full process
  • You are done Congratulation
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