10 February 2016

Xiaomi Factory (ROM) Download here for free

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10 February 2016
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Xiaomi Factory (ROM) files you can use this flash file when your device hang on logo problem, restarting problem, security lock problem, password lock problem, pattern lock problem etc software related problem and you can use this tutorial without any box and this is free for all who know about software in mobile, impotent for flashing first must check your micro USB cable if not good then you can't flash it so check micro USB cable second check your device battery that is impotent for flashing if your device battery low so stop your device between flash so this is impotent for flash, before you flash save your data like contact, photos, videos etc because this is factory flash file so you can't save after full flash so must remember all are impotent notes.

Xiaomi Factory (ROM) ROM is tested by me and it is working very well without any error, can use this flash file when device can use this guide when device in Remove Virus, pattern lock, hard reset, flashing, software update, update, format, reset, phone lock, sim lock, pattern reset, pin lock, flash, hang on logo, only logo solve, hang logo solution, hang problem, firmware update, pattern lock, pattern unlock, pattern reset, phone lock, phone reset, format, hang on logo done, sim lock, screen lock, screen unlock, pin lock, stuck on logo done, user name password id problem, fix unfortunately app has stopped, unfortunately app has stopped working, unfortunately app store has stopped, unfortunately apps has stopped, unfortunately your app has stopped, auto turn on internet connection, auto turn on WiFi connection, auto app installing, auto gone balance etc these type issues can use this way etc. This is used  without any tool and box.and also free for all who has knowledge about software in mobiles.for flashing file it is most important to first check micro USB cable. if it is not good, can not flash it. and the another one is to check device battery. it should not be low, it can stop device between flash. before the flash, it is necessary to save data like contacts, photos, videos and other important things.

MI 2A vJLB54.0 Factory ROM 

MI 2A vJLB52.0 Factory ROM 

MI 2A vJLB49.0 Factory ROM 

MI 2A vJLB39.0 Factory ROM 

MI 2/2S v6.7.2.0 Factory ROM 

MI 2/2S v6.6.1.0 Factory ROM 

MI 2/2S vJLB55.0 Factory ROM 

MI 1/1S vJMACNBL 18.0 Factory ROM 

MI 1/1S vJMACNBL 15.0 Factory ROM 

MI 1/1S vJMACNBH 14.0 Factory ROM 

MI 1/1S vJMACNBF 7.0 Factory ROM 

MI 4i v7.0.3.0 Factory ROM 

MI 4i v6.7.2.0 Factory ROM 

MI 4i v6.6.10.0 Factory ROM 

MI 4i v6.6.6.0 Factory ROM 

MI 4 v6.6.3.0 Factory ROM 

MI 4 v6.6.4.0 Factory ROM 

MI 4 v6.7.1.0 Factory ROM 

MI 4 v7.0.5.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi Note 3G v6.6.2.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi Note 3G v6.6.1.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi Note 3G vJHDMIBL42.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi Note 3G vJHDMIBL40.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi Note 4G Dual SIM v7.0.2.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi Note 4G Dual SIM v6.6.4.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi Note 4G Dual SIM v6.6.3.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi Note 4G Dual SIM v6.6.1.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi Note 4G Model : 2014712 Factory ROM

V7.0.5.0.KHIMICI (866MB) | Recovery (692MB)

Xiaomi MI 3 WMI4WGlobal v7.0.5.0 Factory ROM 

Xiaomi MI 3 WMI4WGlobal v6.7.1.0 Factory ROM 

Xiaomi MI 3 WMI4WGlobal v6.6.4.0 Factory ROM 

Xiaomi MI 3 WMI4WGlobal v6.6.3.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi 1S v6.7.1.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi 1S v6.6.2.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi 1S v6.6.1.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi 1S vJHCMIBL56.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi 1 vJHBMIBL31.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi 1 vJHBMIBL29.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi 1 vJHBMIBH26.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi 1 vJHBMIBH25.0 Factory ROM 

MI Note v7.0.5.0 Factory ROM 

MI Note v6.7.1.0 Factory ROM 

MI Note v6.6.8.0 Factory ROM 

MI Note v6.6.6.0 Factory ROM 

MI Pad v7.0.2.0 Factory ROM 

MI Pad v6.7.2.0 Factory ROM 

MI Pad v6.6.5.0 Factory ROM 

MI Pad v6.6.4.0 Factory ROM 

MI Note Pro v7.0.5.0 Factory ROM 

MI Note Pro v6.7.2.0 Factory ROM 

MI Note Pro v6.7.1.0 Factory ROM 

MI Note Pro v6.6.9.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi 2 4G v7.0.5.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi 2 4G v6.7.1.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi 2 4G v6.6.8.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi 2 4G v6.6.7.0 Factory ROM 

Redmi Note 2 Prime (dual sim 4G) Model : 2014912

Model : 2014021 | Download

Xiaomi Mi 4i 2015015 Fastboot : Download

Xiaomi Mi 4i 2015015 Recovery : Download

Redmi 3S Prime Fastboot | Download

Redmi 3S Prime Recovery | Download

Xiaomi Note 3 | China Stable V7.2.2.0 | Global Stable V7.1.8.0 | China Stable V7.2.3.0 | Global Stable V7.2.3.0

Xiaomi Note 3 Pro Global Stable V7.3.2.0

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 /2016101

Xiaomi Redmi 3S (MI 2016037)
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  1. how to flash redme 3s prime ?

  2. please give me mi 2013062 fastboot flash file

  3. plz help mi 2016037 fast boot download flash file link me sir

  4. How to flash redmi model 2013029

  5. flash file for 2016101 please....

  6. sir which to download for redmi note 4g 2014712??

    1. Download from here pass : Mi-note-4g-2014712-YasinShareef with reset mi account

  7. Sir. My note 4g is 2014021 models. So wich one is suitable rom for me? Fyi my phone got lost signal after update ota. I've tried many files non hlos but still not working.

  8. Sir how to solve error while flashing redmi 4A
    error display like this :error:FAILED (remote: Critical partition flashing is not allowed)
    please give a correct solution


  10. redmi note 4g 2014712?? file ka pasworld kya he

    1. Help me
      ID - 2014CP062
      (RedmiNote 3G)
      firmware Tested
      Now My Redmi Note 3G
      Firmware Writting Deadboot
      Help me Thanks

  11. sir. my mi4i model-2015015 is not for hard reset plese for any link


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