16 November 2014

Nokia Lumia 710 Unlock free with tutorial 2014 HERE

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16 November 2014
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Nokia Lumia 710 Unlock free with tutorial 2014 HERE


I spoke in a previous article a method to unlock the Nokia Lumia 710 for free, but the method was not complete and I was not sure it worked, not having to test Nokia Lumia.

Having had more precision, it turns out that this new method of désimlockage works and more also can unlock the bootloader of your Nokia Lumia 710.

Unlocking the bootloader to install any software that Rom or on your Nokia Lumia.

* Before the tutorial, remember that onetenmobile.blogspot.in not be held responsible if brick your phone.

 Unlocking the bootloader is a risky method, and you may lose the warranty, so you see the pros and cons of this method to unlock your phone.

If you know the risks and want to unlock your phone, then just follow the following


-A Nokia Lumia 710 phone charged over 80%

-An Original USB cable or other compatible.


 -The Release of Nokia Lumia 710 pack which contains all you need.

* NSS PRO software

* The Nokia drivers

* The bootloader unlocked Qualcomm Nokia Lumia 710

1-Download the pack Nokia Lumia 710 release and unpack it with winrar.


2-Install the drivers on your PC


3. Connect the USB cable from your PC to your Nokia

Once you have installed the drivers, do the following:

STEP 1: ROOT (Unlocking the bootloader)

Important! If at some point in the tutorial you follow, you see the message "Disk Format" that appears on the phone, ALWAYS click CANCEL.

1- Start NssPro O.54.exe

2- Go to "Flashing" up then "WP7 Tools" on the bottom left 


3- Click on "install" rooter for the phone and it will install the bootloader unlocked Qualcomm that was saved automatically in the file loader / special / wp7 when you downloaded the package.


Once done, you have unlocked the bootloader you can also use it any rom.
* A rom is the equivalent of a firmware or software in the phone.

 STEP 2: d√©simlockage


4-Once done, go to "Simlocks" then down click on "WP7"

5-Put the phone NPO mode by selecting "NPO Mode" drop-down field.

6-Click the small blue arrow next to the drop-down fields to activate the NPO mode.

7-Click "Unlock" in blue and let them.

Now your phone is now unlocked and you can try with a SIM card from another operator
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If any problem just write down your message on below comment box