16 November 2014

Philips, Renault, Citroen and Ford card radios unlock tools free here

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16 November 2014
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Philips, Renault, Citroen and Ford card radios unlock tools free here


I present a nice little app to unlock many car stereos.

It is simple to use because you have the right car stereo serial number and enter it into the software and it will calculate the code directly.

To know your serial number, simply remove the radio in your car and look on the label for the radio.

 Serial number example for a Ford car stereo M Series: 


This is a very good software quite difficult to find in this version because it is the most complete.

Besides it is so complete that some sell it on eBay to supplement their end of month.

With this software you can unlock the following items by serial number:



Serie L *

* Series M

* Serie C

* Old and new algo


* Series 4-digit

* Series 5 digit


* Those included in Citro├źn

* Those included in Renault

* Standard Blaupunkt

You can also unlock other radios by Dump the EEPROM, but for these models, you need a eeprom reader and some knowledge in electronics.


1- Download and unzip the software CalcGen.

 2- Go to "From Serial Code" which means code serial number.


3- In the example here, we'll take the Ford serial number as in the photo at the beginning of the article and go into the software by selecting the Ford and M Series brand.

The serial number is: M719477


  4. Click "Calculate" to get your code.


5- And voila, you have the 6395 unlock code that is displayed in the upper left green.

6. Once you have the unlock code, you simply have to enter this code when your car radio prompted.

* Depending on the brand of your car radio, you will see in your manual or the instructions how to enter an unlock code.

Here's another version of CalcGen test but green version presented just before seems more complete. 


Download V1.57 HERE
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