16 November 2014

Best Power Bank (IntoCircuit 11200 mAh) Tested

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16 November 2014
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Best Power Bank (IntoCircuit 11200 mAh) Tested


11200 mAh

Micro USB, AC adapter (not supplied)

USB 5 V / 1 Amps
USB 5 volt amperes /2.1

In the box
6 connectors for most phones
1 charging cable
1 micro USB cable
1 carrying case

Having tested many, I wanted you to the presentation of the Power Bank IntoCircuit PC11200 remains for now one of the best external charger.

A Power Bank is a charging station that can carry multiple devices to charge via USB.

You could compare it to a super laptop battery!

Depending on the model chosen, autonomy and the charging time may vary. The autonomy and load capacity is measured in mAh and the number of mAh, the higher your power bank will have capacity to charge devices.

Usage is very simple, because once you run your battery power bank, you can charge it with a micro USB cable (included) on any device like your laptop or whatever.

The peculiarity of the model intocircuit 11200 mAh is that you can follow the remaining cooldown with the small LCD screen that indicates the charge rate in%, while on other models, you will need to follow the remaining charging time with just a small led.

For some it is not a problem, but I think it will possible to anticipate the time left to wait and just with Led we can not know exactly if a power bank is fully charged or not.

With this model, you will not have to worry at this level, as soon as it is 100%, you are sure it is good.


For the model I tested, it is included with 6 connectors that can be used on most phones or portable devices such as PSP, touch tablet ...

1 connector for iPhone

1 connector for Samsung 1st generation

1 mini USB connector

1 micro USB connector

1 Nokia Standard connector

1 PSP connector

Which is pretty reasonable, but anyway, most devices use USB microphone. It would have been better to add a little lightning connector for iPhone 5S and 5C, but it is not so annoying because often when you have a phone, it also has a USB charging cable.

Once you have recharged your 100% power bank intocircuit, here's what you can do:

3-4 full recharges iPhone
1 full charge iPad
2-3 full charge of Samsung Galaxy Android
10-12 full recharges a Sony MP3 player

Some hackers also use their power bank for supplying a raspberry pi :) without having to use a 220 / 5V adapter.

I had not done too much attention, but the model intocircuit 11200 mAh has a small white LED that can be used as a flashlight. It's pretty cool and it does not hurt that I added.

To turn it on, simply press twice the ON / OFF button to turn it off and it's the same thing.

To sum up this model of power bank has a lot of good points and impresses with elegant design in brushed aluminum.
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