05 May 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 FRP Reset done Without Computer or Laptop (tested)

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05 May 2016
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This tutorial tested by other technician it's amazing for everyone who working in android devices software related also which connects the mobile to be because it very long time coming this solution in this post video using by other software engineer not tested by me i don't have coming any device so now i put other video but soon i will my own post video now let's go how to reset frp or google gmail bypass account without any box or without computer or laptop.

Before following this tutorial just remember which must check your device battery it's charged up to 80% so you can easy solve some time battery low problem then device will restarting problem not properly start also check device usb socket it's must be working well if not working then you can' access OTG cable and also check touch must be working well.

OTG Cable also must be working well some time chines OTG cable not detect in some devices so technician again and again write comment of not working for me so first check all are required it's all are must be working well before use first read all are content carefully after try and also check video tutorial it's also carefully see first full video after try step by step.

This tutorial its new for all Samsung modes bypass security locks it's simple method if you better understand this tutorial here some need required for this solution so we are mention in required for bypass security locks so first read all are carefully read tutorial after following step by step here we are try to simple understand everyone who working in software related and we are also write content its simple because not everyone technician better understand if poor understand english so don't worry this tutorial both are technician use because its write content simple english so here some impotent of FRP lock its must be working well if any issue in this required so you can't solve that problem example must be working micro usb cable, must be working well android usb socket for connecting device, must be working well computer or laptop usb socket so these are must be working well if not connect device so please check above mention which must be working well.

What happen if not ahead still Gmail Account ?:
When your new purchase device of any company like Samsung, Micromax, HTC, Intex, Lenovo any other company mostly new device then you start device and it's asked you exiting gmail account after register exiting account then some few day you forgot pattern lock or security lock so without reset or flash device you can't solve that after new flash installed you have to start device then again asked device gmail account you was first time register in that device if you remember that gmail id or password so your are done but if not remember so you must factory reset to device so here solution if you forget gmail id or password so let's see how to solve that.

Download Link
Samsung Galaxy S7 FRP apk Download here

Samsung Galaxy S7 FRP Reset done Video HERE

Need for Reset FRP:

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 phone
2. Internet connection (wi-fi)

Note : If you use this video for FRP Reset then no need to Computer or OTG Cable, also must enable internet connection
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