16 March 2016

Blackberry Z10 dead or red light blinking done (tested)

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16 March 2016
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This solution awesome for blackberry Z10 when i try in first time in blackberry Z10 then device was dead so try to online update and it is success but in online update many time waiting for that so here simple solution which is first time wait many time when you downloading but after downloading you can easy flash without any risk just few minute only so this is most impotent for everyone one who working in mobile software related and here some impotent notes remember everyone before use this tutorial first of must be charged battery to device up to 80% per. and also working well micro usb cable, working well your computer or laptop usb socket these most impotent if any issue then you can't flashing device

This flash file tested by me without any error working well,  you can use this flash file when your device hang on logo problem, restarting problem, security lock problem, password lock problem, pattern lock problem etc software related problem and you can use this tutorial without any box and this is free for all who know about software in mobile, impotent for flashing first must check your micro usb cable if not good then you can't flash it so check micro usb cable second check your device battery that is impotent for flashing if your device battery low so stop your device between flash so this is impotent for flash, before you flash save your data like contact, photos, videos etc because this is factory flash file so you can't save after full flash so must remember all are impotent notes.

Download Link
Z10_10.3.02.2876_STL100-1 Download here

Blackberry Z10 Flash done Video:
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