03 January 2015

Karbonn A9 dead boot repair solution free here

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03 January 2015
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Karbonn A9 dead boot repair solution free here

Karbonn A9 Model Image :

About this tutorial must read:

This tutorial used only Karbonn A9 only and it is done of dead boot repair but if will coming problem in Karbonn A9 Star of dead then you can will try this tutorial i think Karbonn A9 Star also reapair because Karbonn A9 or Karbonn A9 star same CPU so try it so let's go how to boot repair in Karbonn A9.
Download Karbonn A9 Boot Repair file from HERE

Required for Karbonn A9 Boot repair:

  • Karbonn A9 Boot repair full source file
  • Karbonn A9 with full battery charged
  • Micro USBcable
  • Computer or Laptop


  • First download all files are required
  • Extract QPST-2.7.399 zip file
  • Open QPST-2.7.399 folder
  • Click on " Setup " button (see below image tutorial)

  • Visual C++ Runtime Libraries (x86) Click on Install button (if not understand following below image tutorial)
  • Now go to Start Menu -> Program file -> QPST -> QPST Configuration Open it -> go to Pots tab -> Click on "Add New Port.." button see below image for more know about that
  • Now Click on "USB/QC Diagnostic (Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008)" then OK button (see below image for more know about that)
  • Now Go to Ports tab and check below image phone mode see below image
  • Check below image for COM or driver need to boot repair must you have install below image driver
  • Go to Start Menu -> Programs -> QPST -> eMMC Software Download open the tool -> Check program boot loaders and click on Browse for the device com port
  •  Then Select port and press ok button (see below image tutorial)
  • Now Tick Program Boot Loaders (if not tick), In flash programmer file name type MPRG8X25.hex->in Boot Image type 8X25_msimage.mbn after tick on NV Backup box and set SPC->000000 (if not tick or not set), Tick Trusted Mode (if not tick), Tick Prgram MMC Device (if not tick) see below image for more know about
  • Click on Load XML def... button and browse for rawprogram0.xml Flare Revival Kit see below image
  • Click on Load Patch def.. button and browse for patch0.xml see below image
  • Check the search path 2 and click on browse button for the folder flare repair files see below image
  • Now click on download button and wait until for download to finish (never it finish but it also detects a new driver, and that’s important) and it will search a new hardware found, install the driver see below image for more know about that
  • Now you can update your phone to Firmware
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