22 December 2014

AllWinner Tablet flash with Sd Card without any box or tools

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22 December 2014
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AllWinner Tablet flash with Sd Card without any box or tools

Important note:

This software it is free you can flash Allwinner tablet from this software no require any bootkey, no require USB cable, no require Phonenixsuit & LiveSuit.exe, not require any mode, just simple tutorial just insert SD card and your are done. Must your tablet battery charged up to 80% because if your tablet fully not charged and you can run this process and your tablet is off so chances to dead so please first your tablet battery full charge after you can start this tricks let's see tutorial With Tested Report

Download PhoenixCard Software from HERE

How to make bootable SD card to firmware:

  • Open PhoenixCard software
  • Now insert SD card in card reader
  • Insert card reader in to computer or Laptop
  • Click on DiskCheck button after you can see your SD card path to Disk box
  • Click on Image File button and choose Firmware you want to flash tablet see below image

  • Next click on Format to Normal button see below image

  • Last click on Burn button wait until full burn your SD card see below image

  • If you SD card full burn you can display message check below picture

How to Flash or Update AllWinner tablet from SD card:

  • Your tablet must full charged
  • Turn off your tablet and insert Sd card in the tablet
  • Turn on your tablet start automatically your tablet see below picture

If your tablet full update then you can see message on your tablet display like " CARD OK " see below picture

Credit to MR. ..::One-Man::..
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