14 November 2014

VODAFONE phone unlock code via Universal tools 2014 free here

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14 November 2014
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VODAFONE phone unlock code via Universal tools 2014 free here

U120 Vodafone, Vodafone U120e, Vodafone U120s, U121 Vodafone, Vodafone V715 Vodafone V716 Vodafone V810, V720 Vodafone, Vodafone 603i, Vodafone V725 Vodafone V830

Unlocking instruction

1- Select the "VODA SHIT"


 2- The following menu should appear when you click on "RUN UNLOCKER".


  This menu allows to calculate the unblocking codes for Vodafone and ZTE AMOI. 


 4- To unlock Vodafone, you must click the "OLD" button.


  For this menu: 


5- You must connect the USB cable from your Vodafone PC and select the template and click "Unlock VodaShit" and then let it go.

* If you need drivers that are hard to find now ... here is the link:
Download from HERE

You can also read the info by clicking on "Read Info". This also allows you to see if the phone is recognized.

6. That if all went well, your phone will be unlocked Vodaphone.

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