14 November 2014

Blackberry wipe/data or unlock tools Free Download HERE

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14 November 2014
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Blackberry wipe/data or unlock tools Free Download HERE

This is a complete software named Blackberry Tools V10 by Darmiles.

It allow to unlock (SIM Card), and reset your Blackberry to the beginning.

It also allow to load OS SFI, repair almost all Blackberry Brands.

What is SFI?

SFI file of Blackberry(Also named radio file) mainly contain the core of the OS.

It is the core of Blackberry and Java (VM) virtual machine which runs programs.

Think of it as the Windows kernel. There is a version for each type of Hardware, as there are versions of Windows x86, 64-bit.

It interferes directly with the hardware, manage applications, and provides the means for applications to interact with the hardware of the device.

Software unlocks by PRD and MEP and also by USB cable.

For unlocking via USB, you must have installed the drivers.

It has a lot of features and is easy to use.

WIPE: Allows you to reset the Blackberry. (Warning, this will erase all your data)

NUKE: To repair a blackberry that is stuck in a "reboot sequence."

When this happens, the BlackBerry is considered "NUKE".

When the device is stuck in a permanent reboot sequence (loop), it does not allow a good connection via the USB port and therefore you can not load the operating system.

Important: Before you follow this procedure, remove the memory card and see if that solves the problem. A problem with memory card can put your BlackBerry in this state.
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  1. Thanks for giving information.
    One of my friends tried this way of Blackberry unlocking.But she got failed and her maximum unlocking possibilities also finished.So she suggested don't try this way of unlocking.Better try any one of the online unlocking service.So i unlocked my Blackberry with a help of UnBBLock.com I never had any problem.Now i free to use any carrier on my mobile phone.

    1. if you have to volcano box so you can unlock easy or free :)


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