14 November 2014

Jailbreak iPhone iOS 8.1 and 8 BETA

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14 November 2014
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Jailbreak iPhone iOS 8.1 and 8 BETA


Welcome to the first jailbreak for iOS 8 and 8.1 for iPhone and iPad is finally available. It was developed by the PanguTeam.

It is available on Windows only for now but others will be available in future updates.

The small problem that can be blamed is to be only in Chinese, which somewhat complicates the procedure Jailbreak.

Download from HERE

Warning, this is a Jailbreak use with caution because some doubts persist and you can have more precision by following this section .

I prefer to share the link because despite doubts, the jailbreak works perfectly.
To use it, it will run the executable, and connect your iPhone.

Once your phone is recognized simply click the blue button

It is compatible for all versions of iPhone and iPad that iOS8 and 8.1.

For future updates you can go directly to their website: http://www.pangu.io

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