21 October 2021

How to Fix Graphics & Light on iPhone 11

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21 October 2021
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If you have iPhone 11 and issue in that Graphic and Light then follow this method may be possible to solve your Problem.

In this devices two types problem comes first is Combo (Touch and Display) Issue so change after that Second is MiPi data line missing from CPU.

Actually this Problem is in Hardware no Software without Experience you can't do this, If you want to learn iPhone Hardware just join I Fix Center here attach link you can easy learn from that center. You can Easy Contact Via Phone Number are +91 9323111161 Nushad Ali Siddiqui.

This Post some hint for iPhone 11 Graphics & Light Solution.

How to Solution iPhone 11 Graphics & Light

  • iPhone 11 in this device Mipi Data line is Missing from CPU Make track of data line¬†
  • Reball CPU
After this Process done, iPhone 11 Graphics & Light Problem is done, check below Picture for more know about this issue, If you have knowledge about that then you can easy solve, if don't have then you can easy contact above Instagram ID or Phone Number. 

Credit : Naushad Ali Siddiqui

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