25 March 2019

Xiaomi Phone Guide for Unlock Bootloader and Flash MIUI 10 ROM

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25 March 2019
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What are you like? Hope everyone is quite excited about our new MIUI Indian Forum & meanwhile many are asking about updating MIUI 10 ROM, but there are many who are facing the problem of unlocking MIUI 10 ROM bootloader & flash. So guys don't have to worry, I came with you today HOW TO UNLOCK & FLASH MIUI 10 ROM!

I'm going to divide this thread into two parts: 1. About Bootloader Unlock 2. Flashing 10 ROM MIUI

So let's start with Xiaomi Devices Unlock Bootloader

Unlocking Bootloader

  • Now the process is getting easier, now you don't have to apply to unlock the bootloader, just visit http:/en.miui.com/unlock to download the My Unlock tool.
Note:-It will become less secure after you unlock the device. Your personal data may be leaked or lost. Therefore, we do not advise and encourage you to unlock your device. Please proceed at your own risk and you will be responsible for your own device.
  • Download Mi Unlock Tool and Extract it to your PC
  • Go to Setting > My Device > All Specs> Tap On MIUI Version 7 times > Additional Setting > Developer Option > Enable USB Debugging > Enable OEM Unlocking
  • Now from Developer option > Mi Unlock status > Add account and device. Try binding on your account. Incase you see error like 86012 etc then try to wait for a week (Note-Trying over and over may temporarily block your account)
  • If you see error like connect to the network & try again
  • Then Logout the Mi Account from device & directly sign in from Add account and device page
  • Then successfully you'll see Added. Mi account is now connected to the device
  • After rebooting your device into fastboot method, press the Power button and Volume down (–) button simultaneously to simply turn off your device. Connect the device via a micro USB cable to the Windows PC / laptop.
  • Now launch Mi Unlock Tool via run as administrator then click AGREE
  • Login again with Mi Account ID
  • In case you get error like "current account is not bound" then Developer option > Mi Unlock status > Add account and device. Try binding on your account. From now on, you can't try unlocking after XX hours, then you have to wait that time.
  • Try to unlock after XX time, hope you'll be successful
  • Now the Device is UNLOCKED

MIUI 10 ROM Flashing

  • Flashing/Updating MIUI 10 ROM, here we can update MIUI via recovery method (Updater App) or via fastboot method.

Recovery Method- Via Updater App

  • You can switch from Global Stable to Global Beta or China Stable to China Beta by updating MIUI 10 ROM via the updater app, but Beta may not work to stable.
  • Simply download the zip file and move it to internal storage (downloaded rom) and then open updater app Click on the top right corner of 3 dots-select the update package from internal storage.
  • Note : Before updating, you can take a zip file backup if you face a problem while updating ROM
  • After selecting the file - Click OK- Reboot
  • After updating to MIUI 10 ROM, a reset is recommended if you switched from Stable to Beta ROM. If you face any errors when updating via the updater app, please do a clean flash via Fastboot.

Fastboot Method

  • Warning! This method will work only for unlocked devices.
  • If your device is not unlocked, read the guide above: Bootloader unlocking.
  • Download Fastboot ROM here for your device (Temporary link is not going to work for some problem now)
  • Make sure you download Proper ROM for your device, otherwise you may get BRICK from your device. So, check and confirm with your device code name before downloading
  • Download & Install Mi Flash Tool on Your PC
  • Before installing disable Windows Firewall & make sure that you disabled Driver Signature Enforcement for that Reboot your PC in Advanced Mode and Choose Disable Driver Signature by choosing F7. for guide click here
  • Go to Setting > My Device > All Specs> Tap On MIUI Version 7 times > Additional Setting > Developer Option > Enable USB Debugging
  • Before updating, make sure that your data is backed up. If you want to move from Developer ROM to Stable or Global ROM to China ROM, flashing ROM would require all data to be wiped away, otherwise your device could be severely damaged.
  • Now Reboot Your device into fastboot method, For that simply turn off your device, press the Power button and Volume down ( – ) button at the same time. Then connect the device to the Windows PC/laptop via a micro USB cable
  • Now open download folder, then extract the downloaded ROM via Winrar / WinZip/other zip/ rar Extract Software & then copy the file to C:/ drive then Copy the complete path of the file.
  • Now launch Mi Flash Tool via run as administrator
  • Now press the Refresh button, You can see that your device is detected
  • Now paste the copied path address in the Miflash tool address bar & make sure you've choosen CLEAN ALL then hit on FLASH
  • Do not disconnect your device & PC while flashing running
  • then you can see device started flashing & it'll take few minutes to complete, Wait for status (Flash done) & Result (Success)
  • Then Device will Boot up automatically
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