02 February 2019

FaceTime Group Bug Fix Next Week Apple

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02 February 2019
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Apple Inc said on Friday it had remedied a privacy defect in its group video chat software and plans to improve how it handles software bug reports after a teenager and its mother tried to warn the iPhone bug maker for days. Apple Inc. Apple said Monday it would remedy a fault in its chat software FaceTime that allowed users to hear the audio of a caller before the call was replied.

Grant Thompson, 14, and his mother Michele attempted to report the bug to Apple, however, said that they had a hard time getting their attention to the company until it was brought into the social media. This was the bug that was found. 

Apple shut down on Monday, when its engineers worked to fix the problem. FaceTime group chat feature. The enterprise said it fixed the bug on its servers and next week it will reactivate the user feature. 

Meanwhile, Apple was grateful for reporting the problem to the Thompson family. Grant Thompson told Reuters TV that, when he discovered the bug, he was trying to talk to his friend during the game's playback.
However, the family said Gran Thompson and his mum, who's a lawyer, took 9 days of telephone calls, e-mails, online postings and even a letter on the letterhead of Michele Thompson's law firm before receiving an answer from Apple.

" We would like to ensure that our customers were quick to disable Group FaceTime and to start working on the fix as soon as the engineering team became acquainted with the details needed to reproduce the bug, "Apple said in a declaration. 

" We are committed to improving the process through which we receive these reports and to extending them as soon as possible to the right people. " 

Apple's failure to warn consumers of the bug is being tested by New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday. 

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