31 January 2019

The following iPhone XS Max has three rear camera to look the same

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31 January 2019
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Apple plans to keep the iPhone XS and XS Max successors almost identical. But according to a new report by "people who are familiar with the plans, "the larger model will ship with three rear cameras.

The third shooter will probably be a wide-angle camera, which nicely complements the normal camera and the telephoto lens, making zooming possible. There will also be a certain number of magic software, including the automatic repair of videos or photographs that fit a subject that may accurately have been cut off. There is also an improved version of Live Photos, with the current length being doubled.

Moreover, Apple is expected to test the iPhones with a USB-C port this year rather than the Lightning port. Although it is not possible that this switch will happen in 2019, it signals that the company is serious about using its smartphones as a standard connector.

A new SoC as well as an updated Face ID sensor are provided for the iPhones 2019. There will be missing 5 G functionality, which is reserved for 2020. There are also planned an updated iPhone XR.

The new version of the low-cost iPad is due for Apple this spring with an approximately 10-inch display and a faster processor. The Lightning port is maintained by the device. The company should include a new cheaper iPad mini.
The next round for the iPad Pro line will only be in the spring of next year, but it may be worth waiting because it will be able to start with an Apple 3D laser-powered camera. This is also expected to take place on the iPhones 2020.

The 3D camera improves the AR features on the devices so that virtual objects can be placed better. It helps AR but is also useful for shooting photos with the improved sensation of depth. The sensor required for this appeared to be obtained and tested by Apple.

It uses a laser scanner and not screening technology such as Face ID, because this does not work over long distances. 

iOS 13 is scheduled to be launched this year with a comprehensive dark mode as well as CarPlay upgrades. In the never ending quest of Apple to make their tablets productivity devices, iPads will have a new home screen, tabbed application pages and better file management. 

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