31 January 2019

Facebook Now has 2.32 trillion active users every month, 1.52 billion active users everyday

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31 January 2019
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Wednesday's Facebook easily overcame the profit estimates of Wall Street, soothing investors ' concerns that higher privacy spending would boost users ' growth. Facebook has managed to attract new users despite its privacy problems, especially in India, Indonesia and the Philippines. More than 2.7 billion users, Facebook said, interact each months with at least one of its apps, up from last quarter's 2.6 billion.

In the first quarter, monthly and daily Facebook users were up by 2.2% to 2.32 billion and 2.0% to 1.52 billion, respectively, compared to the last quarter. According to Refinitiv average, there were an estimated 2.3 billion monthly users and 1.5 billion daily users.

The last year saw a number of big challenges for Facebook and its most important privacy scandal, beginning with the access to personal information for up to 87 million users from Cambridge Analytica, a political data mining operation for the Trump 2016 campaign.

That, along with the continuing repercussion of fake news, and Russian Facebook elections, led to congressional hearings. To date, critics and legislators have not done much better to examine this year. On Wednesday, Facebook was accused, including young people, of deception by downloading an app that tracked its phone and internet use extensively.

Facebook has estimated the "family "of services used by around 2.7 billion people, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and the core social networks. Mark Zuckerberg, co-founderand CEO, said in an earnings call, "Our community and our business continues to grow.

As younger users move to other platforms, the company faces demographic challenges and regards Facebook as less cool than it once was. Instagram's social visual network was a hot spot with increased use and revenues on Facebook.

Analysts watch how other services like Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger messaging services and their virtual reality division Oculus are playing a part in the fortunes of Facebook. 

" Messaging is a fastest-growing area and people will feel that these apps are the center of their social experience more this year, "said Zuckerberg.

After scandals over mis-communication data and propaganda, the world's largest online social media network has committed its users to invest heavy in the privacy and security of their users and has become the target of global political scrutiny.

Wednesday 's better than anticipated profit reassured investors that it could grow even after its slowest quarterly growth of revenue was posted as a public company in more than six years. 

" These figures are indeed some of the most reassuring in its history, "said George Salmon, Hargreaves Lansdown analyst. The group's expectations of revenue and profit have not only improved in Europe after a stagnant couple of quarters. These findings will help regain Wall Street 's confidence.

Facebook shares rose almost 12 percent (approximately Rs) to $168.20. Twelve thousand) after the bell. In regular trade, they closed 4.3 percent. Net revenue increased to approximately $6.88 billion (rs. $2.38 (approximately Rs), which is about 48,000 crores. 170) by share, up from 4,27 billion dollars, in the first quarter, or 1,44 dollars by share, in the previous year. According to Refinitiv data from IBES, analysts expected average earnings of $2.19 per share. In comparison with the analysts ' average estimate of $16.4 billion, the total quarterly revenues rose by 30 percent to $16,9 billion from $12.97 billion.
"The worst for this social media giant is over, "said Haris Anwar, Investing.com analyst: "Throughout all negative blows last year, his advertising and user engagement have not been affected."
Actions are reviving
Since the first warning of the company of slow growth in revenue and operating margin, it has lost a third of its value. In two years, the share price is close to its lowest.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder and chief executif, said in a statement that "we fundamentally changed the way we operate our company to concentrate on the greatest social problems, and are investing more to develop new and inspiring ways of connecting people.

In each of its first two reporting quarters in 2012, Facebook's most weak quarterly growth, 32.2% as a publicly traded company, had previously been achieved. Total costs increased to 9.1 billion dollars in the fourth quarter, up 62 per cent year-on-year. In the fourth quarter, operating margin decreased to 46% compared to 57% a year ago.

Facebook said at a conference call that its total revenue growth rate this quarter would decelerate, excluding currencies fluctuations, by mid-single digits, in comparison to the fourth quarter and continue to slow over the entire year. It stated that total expenditure for 2019 continued to increase by about 40 to 50% compared to 2018.

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