25 January 2019

Louis Vuitton has just revealed their own luxury wireless headphones for $ 995

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25 January 2019
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The French fashion company, Louis Vuitton, has just revealed the designs for its latest technological innovation— a pair of logo- clad wireless earbuds for almost $ 1,000. This is the same price as a wallet or small handbag or a $ 150 version of six pairs of Apple!

The $ 995 wireless Horizon earphones are available in four colors– black, white, red monogram or yellow and blue "LV" strips– and each comes with a charging case in stainless steel( white for the white earbuds and black for the other options) with a battery life of 10 hours.

According to the press release, the architecture of the load case "reflects the shape of the Tambour Horizon watch in harmony with its contemporary, concave lines."

The high- end brand has teamed up with Master & Dynamic, a New York- based audio company, on the headphones with three and a half hours of listening time for one charge and volume controls on one of the earphones for easy adjustments on- the- go.

If you hesitate to spend a cool G on something so susceptible to being misplaced on your morning walk, many people are on Twitter.

One user wrote that "the designer tech accessory refers to something like' too expensive' and' insane.'

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