26 January 2019

Apple Extends iPhone Trade-in Offer in Japan: iPhone XR SoftBank Discounted

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26 January 2019
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Apple is letting more and more telecom operators discount the iPhone XR in an attempt to enhance intermediate iPhone sales in Japan. The price of iPhone XR Rs was reduced after NTT Docomo. Another SoftBank operator announced a JPY Discount of 10,800 (around $98) on the phone in November 2018, 72,959. The company based in Cupertino has also expanded its ongoing iPhone XS R trading offer. The country's 92,426 and iPhone XR gives consumers another avenue for lower prices for new iPhone models.

SoftBank, the Japanese telecommunications operator, said earlier on Friday it would offer an iPhone XR discount of JPY 10,800 (approximately $98) from January 30. SoftBank follows NTT Docomo, the same one done in November the last week, after Apple has reportedly begun to provide mobile operators with subsidies to boost sales of iPhone XR. It is also referred to as "iPhone XR Happy Price Campaign."
The reports say that iPhone XR has low sales in the country and the customers continue to flock to buy iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus due to lower prices and a familiar pattern that is not present on today's iPhone model crop.

Apple has also expanded in its country, introduced in the end of December, its iPhone trading offer. Originally scheduled to expire on 31 January, it will now continue until 28 February. The consumer is able to buy his older iPhone models for an iPhone XR and iPhone XS discount as part of the offer. The consumer is able to get iPhone XR at a low level of JPY 59.800 (around Rs $546, according to the listing on the company's official website. 39,000 (roughly $800) and the iPhone XS for JPY 87,800 (rs.) 46,17). arigato-ipod.com first found the extension of the commercial offer. 

The iPhone XR may find it difficult to find customers in Japan, but the phone was in the last quarter the largest seller in the United States, according to a research report published on Thursday. The model accounted for 39 percent of the country 's total iPhone sales in the quarter.

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