21 January 2017

How to Bypass Google Account (FRP) in Motorola 6.0.1

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21 January 2017
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What happen if not ahead still Gmail Account ?:
When your new purchase device of any company like Samsung, Micromax, HTC, Intex, Lenovo any other company mostly new device then you start device and it's asked you exiting gmail account after register exiting account then some few day you forgot pattern lock or security lock so without reset or flash device you can't solve that after new flash installed you have to start device then again asked device gmail account you was first time register in that device if you remember that gmail id or password so your are done but if not remember so you must factory reset to device so here solution if you forget gmail id or password so let's see how to solve that.

This tutorial its new for all Samsung modes bypass security locks it's simple method if you better understand this tutorial here some need required for this solution so we are mention in required for bypass security locks so first read all are carefully read tutorial after following step by step here we are try to simple understand everyone who working in software related and we are also write content its simple because not everyone technician better understand if poor understand English so don't worry this tutorial both are technician use because its write content simple English so here some impotent of FRP lock its must be working well if any issue in this required so you can't solve that problem example must be working micro USB cable, must be working well android USB socket for connecting device, must be working well computer or laptop USB socket so these are must be working well if not connect device so please check above mention which must be working well.


  • Motorola phone with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS
  • Wi-Fi Internet Connection
  • Charger


  • Click on NEXT button again click on NEXT button until Verifying your account
  • Press and hold "@" and choose "Google Keyboard Settings"
  • Choose "Languages" and Enable "Use system language"
  • And Enable All Languages then click on BACK button
  • Now Enabled "Internet" button Near "Space" button click and hold on it then appear many languages choose "CHOOSE KEYBOARDS"
  • Click on "Google Japanese Input" Enable it
  • Click on "Enter your email" then appear Keyboard
  • Again click and hold on "Internet" button again appear many languages
  • Choose "Japanese (Google Japanese)" Language
  • Now Click on hold "a" word it left side on first number
  • Choose "Google Japanese Input settings" Input option
  • Scroll Down and choose "Open sources software"
  • And then choose any words and hold then appear Three (3) option which is "SELECT ALL","COPY","SHARE" and choose "SHARE" option
  • After that appear share option then choose "Messaging" option
  • Type "112" number and type "test" and send it
  • After that appear "Call" button option click on it
  • Type *#*#4636#*#* then appear "Testing"
  • Choose "Usage statistics" option and click one Back "🔙 Usage statistics"
  • Choose "Google" option again choose "Search & Now" option again choose "Now cards"
  • Enable (do ON) "Show cards" button then appear option click on "No, THANKS"
  • Change Keyboard and type "Chrome" and below automatically appear Chrome then click on it
  • Click on "ACCEPT & CONTINUE" and click on "NO, THANK YOU" again click on "OK, GOT IT"
  • Type on Search or type URL "testdpc apk" open link apkmirror's site and Scroll Down
  • There to be "DOWNLOAD APK" button click on it again click on "ALLOW" option click "OK" wait until downloaded
  • Go BACK until "Show cards" option do Enable button click "NO, THANKS"
  • Type "Downloads" then appear below Downloads option click on it and there downloaded apk
  • Click on it appear "Install blocked" click on "SETTINGS" Scroll Down and there to be "Unknown sources" option Enable button that option and click OK option when you do enable
  • Go back again try to Install downloaded APK wait until installed if any appear option of "AGREE'S" then click on it
  • For use this APK battery must be 100% charged otherwise not wokr
  • After that Installed click on "OPEN" option
  • Appear Setup Management choose "Set up device owner" and click on "SET UP  >"
  • Appear Set up your device click on "ENCRYPT"
  • After that now show ENCRYPT PHONE option if it hide then connect charger for show option
  • Click on "ENCRYPT PHONE" two times and wait until normal start
  • Now you can see "Select Wi-Fi" click on NEXT, Set up your device click on "SET UP >" click OK appear SET UP PHONE option click on it now you can see Normal Screen
  • Go to "Settings" Scroll Down choose "Backup & reset" choose "Factory data reset" then choose "RESET PHONE" again choose "ERASE EVERYTHING" wait until Erasing
  • After that device in Normal start then follow all procedure this process no need to any email or password your device totally reset
  • Good Luck for your try
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