06 November 2016

How to Bypass Google Account Samsung Galaxy J1 J3 (2016)

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06 November 2016
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This method working on below type devices:
Samsung Galaxy J1 J210F (2016), Samsung Galaxy J120H, Samsung Galaxy J120M, Samsung Galaxy J120T, Samsung Galaxy J320A, Samsung Galaxy J320P, Samsung Galaxy J3109, Samsung Galaxy J320M, Samsung Galaxy J120M, Samsung Galaxy J320Y, Samsung Galaxy Express 3 J120A, Samsung Galaxy J3 J320F (2016)

About this method:
This guide it's very simple to use and easy remove Factory Reset Protection (FRP) using this guide cause this is tested without any error just before use follow below description in that give reason of not done job and also must be required which is for remove google bypass account this method working on above mention devices working well if not done just leave your comment on below comment box I will soon reply if possible now let's know how to remove FRP lock or Bypass Google Account on Samsung Galaxy J1 or Samsung Galaxy J3
This must read:
If you want to repair your device, you can try to repair it by you. You have to charge your battery with any charger and charged it by 97%. Your data is very important for you so it is good to do a backup of your data it may consist like your contact details, your important messages, your emails or any other important thing which you feel to be the backup in your device. This backup can be done on another device. we have to do the backup because after a format of your device, all your data will be gone and it will not be recovered. For backup in other devices you can use other external device like your hard drive, SD card or any other suitable devices. If you are doing by your own. do it at your own risk as we don't take any responsibility if your device is damaged

Reason of not detect device with Computer or Laptop:
You can easily solve any problem with this method if you are fresher technician or experienced technician in android software related, if the error occurs of USB not recognized than your USB is not working.if battery is not charged,your USB socket will not proper work and you will fail in this method. if any issues please write your questions in the comment box I will try my best to help you.

Required for Bypass Google Account:

  • Samsung Galaxy J1 J3 (2016) device or above mention any one device and with must be charged battery
  • RealTerm 2.0 | Download
  • Samsung Android USB Driver | Download
  • SIM Card with Activated
  • Micro USB Cable with good quality
  • Computer or Laptop

Procedure for Bypass Google Account:

  • Open Internet Explorer like google chrome and type RealTerm 2.0 and hit search button Download RealTerm 2.0
  • Download Samsung Android Driver it's give link of above link required description download from that link
  • Now you must install RealTerm 2.0 or Samsung Android Driver
  • Take on hang device and Turn off first and Insert SIM card to device (SIM Card Must be Active) and Power on device
  • Click on Arrow button (yellow) and Must connect Wi-Fi connection then click NEXT
  • Hit again NEXT click Agree and wait until Verify your Account
  • Connect Device with Computer or Laptop
  • Open RealTerm 2.0 application must be green light which that's right side
  • Tick on Half Duplex and go to Port tab Enter your device Port number
  • Go to My Computer Right click on and choose Properties option
  • Choose Device Manager go to Modem there be Samsung Mobile USB Modem
  • Right click on that and choose Properties and go to modem you can see your Port COM:10 or another
  • Open RealTerm 2.0 and write down your port number in Port box
  • Go to Send Tab and Write this command : at+creg?\r\n and click on Send ASCII
  • Write again this command : atd1234;\r\n and hit on Send ASCII
  • After that in device to be call on 1234 and be Call ended then quick click on Message icon You can disconnect phone
  • Now Type http://www.google.com in Message box and click send button after that make hyper link click on that
  • Choose Open Link option there displayed two option which is Chrome or Internet
  • Select Chrome Explorer Type in Search google bar of "Google Account Manager" and hit Search button
  • Open apkmirror's site and download Google Account Manager 5.1-1743759 this apk
  • After Downloaded Open it and Install if displayed option of Install Blocked then click on SETTINGS and Enable Unknown Sources and click OK option
  • Hit INSTALL and wait until finished the process after installed click on DONE option
  • Go Back on Google page and in the search button type there again quick shortcut maker and hit search button
  • Go to Down and choose apk20's site go down there in this link "Download APK from APK20" click on wait until download
  • After that Downloaded displayed OPEN click on and INSTALL this apk wait until install and open it
  • Type : Google Account Manager in Input keyword to filter option
  • Click on arrow and choose Google Account Manager which Type Email and Password's
  • Click on Try option Go to more option like three dot click there and choose Browser Sign-in and Enter your own account which you know id or password after Entered it then restart phone
  • Now click on Arrow (yellow's color) i hope your wi-fi connection already connected after click NEXT and AGREE
  • After you can see Account added click NEXT now you see GET your apps & data there you see Restore from this backup click there and choose Set up as new device click done and click NEXT, SKIP, SKIP ANYWAY, MORE Two time, NEXT, Back up and sync click Later, Add fingerprint also choose Later, NEXT, FINISH
  • Now Go to Apps, click on Settings, click on Backup and reset, Go to Factory data reset, RESET DEVICE, DELETE ALL wait until Start device
  • Choose your Language and setup phone like first buy you had done
  • Congratulation your are done
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  1. Hi I have a samsung j3 duos I have followed your instruction upto the inputting of the 2 command lines but after that I don't get an option to end the call can you help?

    1. Which enter number in atd1234;\r\n ? You can enter your own phone number after that take that call and just move there to be Internet option just click on that then follow procedure which is already given above

  2. 'there was a problem while parsing the package'message display when i run the google account manager apk file

  3. I have j1 mini prime ...I do everything Step by step but i cant slide when calling...i mean only option dialpad add call end call mic and bluetooth then what can i do ? Help me please ......


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