04 May 2016

SPD 7730/31 Read Pattern unlock code without any data loss (tested)

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04 May 2016
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If you have spd 7730/31 cpu related phone and in that issue of pattern lock then don't worry you can easy solve using this tutorial this is not only for spd 7730/31 but every spd cpu related you can done job using this tutorial but here some impotent notes this is working well if any issue in that so you can't solve problem so please read all type tutorial after try following step by step, some time what happen customer take device in office and asking please this problem can be solve ? but also required of customer please do not erase all data because its' impotent if you solve as a customer required then customer trust in our office and second type any issue in device then will come to our shop.

Which box use for read unlock code without data loss ?
This tutorial done in Miracle box it's version of 2.32 if you using this method then must check first version this option available in above mention version and in the new feature miracle box not supported of old version because technician can't know new feature in miracle box so i regular update and use this miracle box so i can't easy solve this problem so i request to everyone technician if you free then check our regular update forum and in check about box related there put of update in this box section.

What happen if required not working ?
Before use this tutorial must see and carefully read required for unlock this is most impotent and part in this tutorial first of device battery related it's must be charged up to 80% and after try, second of box must be working well if not open box then you can't done this job, third of usb driver must installed in your computer or laptop if not installed then first install after try without usb driver you can't connect device with box, fourth of micro usb cable must be working well some device not connect with computer or laptop because here required good quality usb cable cause device always connected with box.

Download Link
SPD 7730/7731 USB Driver Download here

Need for Read Pattern Unlock code:

1. SPD 7730/7731 cpu based phone with good charged battery
2. Miracle box
3. SPD usb driver
4. Micro usb cable
5. Computer or Laptop


1. Download spd driver from above link (if link not working just leave your comment)
2. Extract and install driver (must be installed winzip in your computer)
3. Open Miracle box
4. Go to SPD tab
5. Choose Rd Unlock option
5. Choose Choose Boot type : SPD7730/31 EMMC option
6. Tick on USBCable option
7. Now Click on Start button
8. Press and hold Volume Down button and insert usb cable
9. Wait until driver installing, if driver not installed then update manual from above link's
10. If driver installed then starting process automatically then wait until full process
11. Congratulation you are done

SPD 7730/7731 Read Pattern Unlock code Screenshot:

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