15 January 2016

INTEX FORCE2 Phone Busy On Calling Solved

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15 January 2016
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Required for that:

  • Any SC6530/SC6531 SPD device with good battery charged
  • CS Tool
  • Micro usb cable
  • Computer or Laptop


  • Open CS Tool
  • Go to 1st Tab : Chinese Phones
  • Choose : SPD (Spreadtrum) Tab
  • Choose : Settings / Services Tab
  • Select CPU / Boot Settings : SC6531-NOR boot
  • Tick on : Auto Format option
  • Choose : Interface : USB Cable
  • Now Click on Format / Reset button
  • Press and hold Center key and insert usb cable
  • Wait until process
  • You are done

Intex Force 2 Phone Busy on Calling done screenshot:

Intex Force 2 Phone Busy on Calling done logs:
  Action : Format / Reset  
  1.Remove Battery, Insert usb cable, Insert battery  
  2.power off Phone, Remove & Reinsert Battery , insert USB Cable  
  (bootkey's Volume Down or volume up)  
  Waiting for Phone Usb....  
  Phone found [ USB Port:COM30 ]  
  Connected done.  
  sending 1st boot...  
  FDL test...OK  
  SC Boot Ver : 6531  
  SC Boot Mode : 6531000100005A00  
  Loading CST Boot image to RAM...  
  The CST Boot runs normally.  
  CHIP : 65310001  
  CPU ID: 65310001  
  NOR ID    : 00C8006000160000  
  NOR Size  : 4MB  
  NOR Name : SF_GD27Q32  
  Boot Information completed.  
  Reading FileSystem info...  
  FileSystem Version: 80  
  Start=0x003A8000, Size=0x00058000  
  Erasing ...  
  The eraser is completed.  
  Action completed  
  Time taken : 00:00:15  
  Reconnect Battery/USB Cable  
  CS-Tool Ver 1.28  
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