20 August 2015

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 Flash or Onkey 7s reset done

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20 August 2015
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Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 Flash or Onkey 7s reset done

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300's flash file tested by me and it is working very well without any error, can use this flash file when device can use this guide when device in hang on logo, restarting, auto turn on internet connection, auto turn on WiFi connection, auto app installing, auto gone balance, pattern lock, screen lock etc these type issues can use this way etc. This is used  without any tool and box.and also free for all who has knowledge about software in mobiles.for flashing file it is most important to first check micro USB cable. if it is not good, can not flash it. and the another one is to check device battery. it should not be low, it can stop device between flash. before the flash, it is necessary to save data like contacts, photos, videos and other important things.

If want to repair Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 device, can try to repair it by. have to charge a battery with any charger and charged it by 91%. Your data is very important for so it is good to do a backup of data it may consist of contact details, important messages, emails or any other important thing which feel to be the backup in a device. This backup can be done on another device. we have to do the backup because after a format of a device, all data will be gone and it will not be recovered. For backup in other devices, you can use another external device like hard drive, SD card or any other suitable devices. If are doing by own. do it at your own risk as we don't take any responsibility if a device is damaged

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 Firmware

Required for flash:

  • Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 device with battery charged
  • Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 tested firmware or tool
  • Micro USB cable
  • Computer or Laptop


  • Download firmware from above link
  • Extract to desktop or as you like path
  • Press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power button (Download Mode)
  • Open Odin tool
  • Click on PIT button and choose coriemmc_0117.pit file
  • Click on BOOTLOADER button and choose DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5300XXLF5_REV04.tar file
  • Click on PDA button and choose PDA_S5300XXLF5_REV04.tar file
  • Click on PHONE button and choose MODEM_S5300XXLF5_REV04.tar file
  • Click on CSC button and choose GT-S5300-MULTI-CSC-OXELD3_RST.tar file
  • Now Click on Start button
  • Wait until flash done
Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 flash done screenshot
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  1. It does not work - "Setup connection" is last i see...

  2. Very Helpful, I followed all Instructions you wrote and Wooo!!! I got it exactly how i needed it. Honestly your instructions are easy to understand, if only we know what we are doing on the Phone and the PC. Thank You for your Help.

    Now for the one who couldn't make it, here is your help:

    After you have got all the requirements for this operation, do this... above the requirements for flash there is a file to Download, now click the Download link to get the Program you need for this Operation. Don't be surprised if there is a page that opens right after you clicked the link, that is only some advertisements. You will have to come to back to this page and re-click it until you see something on your browser starts to Download and it will be S5300XXLF5_OXELD3.rar, i did it three times till it started to download.

    After that, because it is a compressed file, you will have to extract it to a folder that you will not forget its path, i recommend the Desktop.

    Then Open the folder you just extracted and Install Odin3 v1.85 from the Folder.

    Now Open the Odin3 v1.85 program that you installed. Then go back to your PHONE and Press 3 Buttons at once that is the (Volume Down + Home + Power button) for like 10 seconds until you see the Phone Screen Displaying the (DOWNLOAD MODE).

    Let go of the Buttons and connect the USB Cable from the Computer to the Phone, go back to your Computer while the Phone is still connected. The Odin3 program is Open, Right at the center of this Program there are Buttons and the CHECK BOXES behind it, written as the PIT, BOOTLOADER, PDA, PHONE, and CSC. On the BOTTOM LEFT CORNER of the Progam there is a Message Box displaying some "ID Numbers ADDED" it tells you the progress and if you have done something wrong. On the RIGHT BOTTOM CORNER there are empty Message Boxes but will Display the Path of the files you input after you click their buttons.

    Now Click the PIT Button; a Folder will Open. In that Folder you must look for the one Folder you extracted the SAMSUNG FILES that you downloaded. Then Double Click or Open the coriemmc_0117.pit file.

    It should be like this:
    Click on PIT button and choose coriemmc_0117.pit file
    Click on BOOTLOADER button and choose DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5300XXLF5_REV04.tar file
    Click on PDA button and choose PDA_S5300XXLF5_REV04.tar file
    Click on PHONE button and choose MODEM_S5300XXLF5_REV04.tar file
    Click on CSC button and choose GT-S5300-MULTI-CSC-OXELD3_RST.tar file

    Every BUTTON should be FED with the exact FILE as shown above.
    Read carefully the Message Box on your left to see if you have done all things right.
    You will see like Blah Blah Blah Added, bbb Valid, BBB Successful, BBb Pease wait, etc..

    Now at the CENTER OF THE RIGHT HAND SIDE you will see the START and RESET BUTTONS.

    Press the Start Button and wait. Until you see The DONE or green Box on top of the Program.

    It can take long but if you don't see the Clear message after a while, just unplug the Phone from PC and take of the Battery for like a minute and replug it, Switch you Phone Normally it should be fine By now. That is it....


If any problem just write down your message on below comment box