07 July 2015

How the Jailbreak Ipad 3 ios 8.1.1, ios 8.1.2, ios 8.1.3, ios 8 .4

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07 July 2015
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How the Jailbreak Ipad 3 ios 8.1.1, ios 8.1.2, ios 8.1.3, ios 8 .4

The word jailbreak in English means breaking prison or in other words out of prison Jail-Break In the world of Apple, it means removing the restrictions imposed by Apple to users of its various organs (iPad, iPod and iPhone) In other words, simple and most importantly jailbreak means install Cydia program only this is a jailbreak short . Means that if Cydia installed on your computer if your computer it Jailbreak  On this subject we will explain how the Jailbreak Ipad 3 ios 8.1.1 -ios 8.1.2 -ios 8.1.3- ios 8 .4 The device, which we will make a jailbreak it carries issuing iOs 8.1.1
One way jailbreak on different versions iOS 8.1.1, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.3, iOS8.4  And the way devices suitable for iPhone, iPad. The difference is in the issuance program TaiGJBreak  And we will use the version that you can download it explained in TaiGJBreak_1210

To make a jailbreak for other versions you can download the program TaiGJBreak
TaiGJBreak Download here

Work steps

1 - Make sure the machine is well Shipping (iPhone or iPad)
2 - USB cable preferably Asli
3 - After decompressing the program run program TaiGJBreak

4 - After connecting the iPad or iPhone The program will identify attic
Then remove the check mark as shown

5 - as shown and then press to start the jailbreak process

6 - jailbreak process may take some time, there is not disconnect the cable
And make sure your Internet connection and shut Ante virus
Until the completion of the process of jailbreak

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