22 January 2015

Samsung Clone I9500 Pattern Unlock done in Volcano box 100% tested

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22 January 2015
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Samsung Clone I9500 Pattern Unlock done in Volcano box 100% tested

Samsung Clone I9500 Model Image :

About this Tutorial :

This tutorial for Samsung Clone I9500 for patter lock but you can do unlock many device use this tutorial and this pattern lock done in volcano box but you can do other box like miracle box, mobile doctor box many boxes in market and this pattern lock via from adb driver and if you want to patten unlock using this tutorial must your device enable usb debugging and here first need to root after you can do job here also most impotent topic of you can save data from this using tutorial and also you can backup contacts, apps, etc from this volcano box, you can also remove screen lock, security code, phone code from this box so let's go how to pattern lock remove in Samsung Clone I9500.

Required for Pattern Unlock:

1. Samsung Clone I9500 or other device with battery charged
2. Volcano box or other china box
3. Micro USB cable
4. Computer or Laptop


1. Connect Volcano box in to Computer or Laptop
2. Open Volcano box version 2 up
3. Click on Android Tools (This is right side tab)
4. Choose ADB MODE tab
5. Tick on ADB Root button
6. Click on Start button
7. Wait until Root success
8. You are done

Pattern Unlock
1. Open Volcano box
2. Choose Android Tools
3. Choose ADB MODE tab
4. Tick Wipa All button (if you want to just remove Gmail Account for data so click on Reset Gmail)
5. Click on Start button
6. Wait until Remove pattern lock
7. You are done

Samsung Clone I9500 Pattern Unlock done Image Screen shot:

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