19 November 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 unlock free here

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19 November 2014
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 unlock free here


If you have the locked version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you might be interested to know that you can now unlock your phone for free.

You can do this quickly and easily.

When you unlock your phone, you can use it with any operator in the world.

For example this can be useful, if you bought the device, then you want to send it to a friend or family abroad.

So without further ado, if you want to go ahead and unlock your device, just follow the steps below.

* http://gsmxda.com not be held responsible in case if the procedure does not follow its normal course, so proceed with caution manipulation.


1- Remove the original SIM card from the phone and insert a SIM card from another operator usually not allowed in the handset and turn it off and on again.

2- You must use the numeric keypad and type * # 197328640 #.

3. Head to the main> [1] UMTS> [1] Debug Screen> [8] Phone Control> [6] Network Lock> Options [3] Character SHA256 OFF menu.

4. You then have to wait about 30 seconds before returning to the main menu by selecting "back" or "return".

5. You should see "Network Lock" now. Select [4] NW Lock Data INITIALLIZ NV.

6- The sequence that you should have typed in is * # 197328640 #

7. If everything went well, you now have a rating 3 unlocked and you can use any SIM card.

8. As this code has been used for some time by Samsung, it can work with other devices belonging to Samsung. 
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