19 November 2014

HTC first unlock (Facebook) Free here

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19 November 2014
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HTC first unlock (Facebook) Free here


What you need:

The pack release HTC First which contains:

1- One Click Root for HTC rooter.

2 HxD as hexadecimal player that allows to get your unlock code.

Download from HERE

Step 1: Root the HTC First

1- First root HTC is done in 4 easy steps.

2- Download One click Root.

3. Connect your HTC to the computer using the Micro-USB cable.

4. Enable USB debugging mode on your device

5. Run the software One Click Root and click "Root Now"

Step 1: Unlock the HTC First

1- Once the phone Roote, you can proceed to the next step

2- Download a terminal emulator on Google Drive.

3- Open Terminal Emulator on your phone and enter the commands below.

dd if = / dev / block / mmcblk0p6 of = / sdcard / mmcblk0p6

* Make sure to grant permissions "root" in the pop-up dialog after entering the su command.

4. Once done, just copy the partition containing the code to unlock the SIM card to the phone memory by plugging your USB data cable to your HTC First.

5. With your computer, go to the internal storage of the phone and the file named r earch mmcblk0p6 and copy it to your desktop.

6- Open mmcblk0p6 with a hex editor HxD included in the downloaded pack just before.

7- Your unlock code is 8 digits in the mmcblk0p6 file and starts at offset 00,008,939 as shown in the screenshot.


 8. Once you have obtained your code, write down and turn off your HTC First and insert a SIM card from another operator

9. Enter the unlock code when prompted. 


  10. When you are finished, click the "Unlock" button and the phone turns off. 


 11. When you turn HTC, it automatically connects to your network operator. 


12. best of luck
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