14 November 2020

MRT V3.66 New Update | Fixed bugs previous ver 3.65

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14 November 2020
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MRT V3.66 New Update | Fixed bugs previous ver 3.65

Huawei last 5G UFS MTK Chip done!!!
This is MRT Team did First in the world
this is last huawei mtk cpu,case is now USA has closed huawei IC, so they can not make new hisi cpu phone,

and a lot of mtk cpu will come!!

MRT Team will ahead of all !!!

World first !!!!
New update for huawei MTK 5G Mobile phone

Added MTK 6853 6873 Chip Supported.
you can remove frp & account with this!

" need open mobile and use TP "

HW_Flasher also support huawei mtk flash in 5%!!!

Nova8 SE

if mobile not in list,just select same cpu and do it will ok!!!

<now mrt also can support the mtk 5G mobile phone with UFS IC>

Phone Added :

  • Vivo IQOO
  • Vivo IQOO PRO
  • Vivo IQOO NEO 3
  • Vivo NEO 3

Download MRTKEY Ver 3.61 New Update

Google Drive : Mrt Key Ver 3.61 New Update

Download MRT Ver 3.62

New Model Added:

  • Vivo U3X
  • Vivo Y9S
  • Vivo Y50
  • Qualcomm 6125 CPU Support

Download MRT Key Ver 3.59 | Google Drive | Android File Host

Fixed Vivo v15 Pro 6GB-EMMC | MRT Key Ver 3.59

New Link Updated

What is News :

New Update add Vivo S1 Pro V15Pro(UFS Version) X27 PD1838 U20 V17 V17Pro U20
(the Vivo Qualcomm 675 CPU)
unlock password(factory reset) Vivo account support
you need open mobile and into edl

Mrt Key Ver 3.57 New Update


Download MRT V3.57 New Update

What's New Update in MRT V3.57:

Huawei Model:
  • ** New Update HW Flash add EMUI 10 10.1 System Flash Support
  • ** New Update HWFlasher add New Fastboot to Recovery (Fastboot to Download Mode) like Mate 30 Mate30 Pro.

  • ** New Update HWFlasher add Med Moa Ksy Huawei MTK Phone Remove Account and Frp Phone (MTK 6765 6762 6761...)

  • ** New update add Remove Huawei Account with USB debugging (ex,if mobile working normal,can in the system enable USB Debugging, just one click can remove account) Its more simple one click!!!

  • ** New Update Adjust Huawei Server Unlock Old System Like EMUI 5 EMUI 7 more Stable Server Update

VIVO Models Update:

  • ** New Update add VIVO Y70 Unlock!!!
  • ** New Update added New VIVO Demo Unlock ( Y19 and etc.)

Note : Special thx to Simon Ng

Credit : mrtkey.org
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