02 March 2019

Join Xiaomi MIUI Official Facebook Group

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02 March 2019
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How do you all do that? MIUI Global Forum has always been a place where we can not only find solutions to problems related to our device and MIUI, but also make some good friends. Now let's take up some new level with this close bond. Saying social media has stormed the world. How do we connect with you all through Facebook with our growing dependence on social media?

I'm sure that most of you all have your Facebook profiles. Isn't that? Then what do you expect? Join us on our Facebook Xiaomi MIUI Groups.

Well, we have four different groups dedicated to our Mi fans at the moment. To become part of us, click these links and hit the join button.

On our Facebook group, we'd be waiting to welcome you all. On Facebook, let's become friends.

For anyone who answers this thread with a proof screenshot that you have joined one of our Xiaomi MIUI Groups, the medal "MIUI FB Follower" will be awarded.

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