27 January 2019

Face-ID, WPA3 security and native screen recording support for Android Q Leak Hints

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27 January 2019
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The leaks surrounding Android's next major update have also picked up as the Google developer conference for E / S 2019 closes. A comprehensive leak detailed a range of Android Q features, including system-wide dark mode support, additional accessibility features and developer tools earlier this month. The latest Android Q leak indicates that Face ID facial recognition hardware will provide native support for a safer face authentication experience. In addition, a systemwide screen recording tool may also be introduced, along with a new emergency shutdown, an updated reporting mechanism and WPA3 security standard support.

Remaining from the previous Android Q leak, the new data unraveled by XDA developers indicates that Android Q enhances facial recognition security by adding Face ID support. As you may be aware, most Android smartphones are reliant on Face Unlock 's front camera, while the Face ID system of Apple uses many sensors like a dot projector and an infrarouge module. Android Q's leaked AOSP build has strands that show that the presence of special facial recognition hardware is actively checked before access or a secure process takes place.
Android Q's Face ID hardware-backed protocol requires users, for instance security PIN, password or locking a pattern, to submit additional authentication techniques as a secondary path. More important than anything other than unlocking the smartphone— an expected side-effect of a indigenous, Google-defined procedure — will allow users to log into particular apps and services. New findings show that Google is testing the new device system using the needed hardware, but it is not known if that smartphone is the rumored Pixel 4 that Geekbench runs Android Q. Recently was thought to have seen.

9to5Google found some additional features in Android Q's System UI APK, and in the Continuous Integration Diehboard of AOSP. One includes a system-wide screen recording feature, which allows users to record their screen material, add their own voiceover, and share it with others. Apart from Face ID support, Android Q could be supported by WPA3 support for Wifi via an additional security feature. The next major Android iteration may also make a few notifications changes if the strings in the code go through. Android Q, for example, could come up with "Block "and "Show silently "notification control actions along with the option of hiding or displaying prioritization notifications.

In addition, the system UI indicates that version 10 of Google's mobile operating system will probably be used by Android Q and could also include a new emergency shortcut tool from the power menu. The code also suggests that something called a "privacy chip "is visible at the bottom of the screen to alert users when an app uses location information or sensors such as a microphone, whereas a related "privacy dialog "will provide additional information.

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