16 February 2016

How to Enable USB Debugging in Motorola Moto X Play XT1562, Moto G3 , Moto X2 ?

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16 February 2016
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This procedure tested by me when i starting this procedure so many time for done this solution but here i give simple tricks for that solution here most impotent must your device charged up to 80% because if low then you can't do this solution and also must work well micro USB cable if not good quality then will error like USB not recognized, device not detected into computer or laptop and also must working well computer or laptop USB port sometimes device detect but not done solution why ? because here most impotent of driver if driver not installed in your computer or laptop then you can't that solution so remember all are impotent here mention and this procedure for Motorola X-Play XT 1562 so you can do in Moto G3 or Moto X2 but in both device to some few different procedure you can do that it's very easy now let's go how to Enable Usb debugging to Disable Usb debugging in Motorola X-Play XT1562 mode

Required for that:

  • Motorola X-Play XT1562, Moto G3, Moto X2
  • Motorola X-Play XT1562, Moto G3, Moto X2 good battery charged up to 80%


  • Turn on device
  • Click on Next Button
  • Connect your wifi network with password
  • Wait for a few second
  • Now you can see About your privacy option
  • Click on Privacy Setting (color of blue)
  • Click on View Motorola Privacy Policy
  • Now select any words (you can select words to continue to press from finger)
  • Click on Share button to Messaging option
  • Now Add number of 190 and then click on Send button
  • Click on Call button and remove 190
  • Now Type : *#*#4636#*#*
  • Click on Battery Information option
  • Click on Back button
  • Choose About Phone Option
  • Choose again Build number Option and click again and again until Developer option enabled
  • Congratulation you are done
  • See below video for more know about Enable USB Debugging

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  1. cannot enable developer option. nothings happen when i click on build number.. my phone is currently on android 6.0.1.. xt1562.. please help me guys.. i tiered trying, give me solution..

    1. Sorry brother not working on android 6.0.1 :) i searching for this version solution

  2. Had a solution for Android 6.0.1 yet?


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