07 December 2015

How to Enable USB Debugging when your device in Pattern Lock, Security Lock ? simple method (For MTK CPU)

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07 December 2015
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Must read for users:
This tutorial tested by me without any problem, this is easy way to usb debugging enable just remember impotent for this job, first of must check your device battery that is charged up to 80% and also check micro usb cable it is also working well if not working then you can't do this job because done this job must both impotent need for this, this is done by me in miracle box if you don't have miracle box you can't do this job. Must also need miracle box with key without that you can't do this job.

Required for Enable Usb Debugging:

  • MTK device with good battery charged (Android device)
  • Miracle box with key
  • Micro usb cable
  • Computer or Laptop


  • Connect Miracle box with Computer or Laptop
  • Open Miracle box
  • Go to MTK tab and second go to Unlock/Fix
  • Click on Open Usb Debug option
  • Choose correct Boot option
  • Tick on USB Cable option
  • Now last click on Start button
  • Press and hold Volume Up button and insert usb to device
  • Wait until full process
  • You are done

Usb debugging Enable in Micromax A72 done in Miracle box screenshot:

 Note : Above picture done pattern unlock of Micromax A72 without any risk

How to Enable MTK video:

Usb debugging Enable in Micromax A72 done in Miracle box Logs:
  1.Phone Power off  
  Definition Applied  
  Waiting for USB Port...  
  Set MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM3)  
  Please Hold "ON" to connect with the phone...  
  Connected to Phone.  
  CPU: MT6575 SW: E201 Ver: CB00  
  Downloading Boot8 ...  
  Nand Flash Type: [TOSHIBA] TYBC0A111236KC  
  Nand Flash Code: 00AD00BC(00900055)  
  Nand Flash Size: 0x20000000 Hex Bytes  
  INT/EXT RAM Size: 0xC4800+0x0  
  Reading ROOT DATA...480000_500000  
  C:\Program Files\Miracle Box\MTK6575nandboot1511261524.img  
  Writing ROOT DATA...480000_500000  
  total£ยบ 0 mins38 s  
  Definition Applied  
  Connecting to Phone,Wait..ok  
  Wipe data...  
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