01 June 2015

[TOOL] XperiFirm ~ Xperia Firmware Downloader [v4.7.2]

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01 June 2015
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[TOOL] XperiFirm ~ Xperia Firmware Downloader [v4.7.2]

Xperia Firmware Downloader [v4.7.2] HERE

Since XperiFirm 4.5.3 a file called "fwinfo.xml" will be created by XperiFirm inside the firmware's folder!
This file will be used by the next version of Flashtool to create an FTF for you automatically, but it's NOT meant to be included in the FTF by the Bundler.
DO NOT INCLUDE THIS IN FLASHTOOL'S BUNDLER! Or else, flashing your firmware will fail with an error!

Flashtool was re-released with XperiFirm integration (including XperiFirm auto-update) and "fwinfo.xml" exclusion in Bundler! (Windows only!)
Flashtool will be released with XperiFirm integration and "fwinfo.xml" exclusion in Bundler on all platforms soon!


...Lets you download the current firmware for all Sony/Sony-Ericsson smartphones and tablets running Android, mostly of the Xperia line.

Preview on Windows 10 Technical Preview:


Microsoft Windows:
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or newer!
* Windows XP SP3: .NET Framework 4.0
* Windows Vista SP2: .NET Framework 4.6 RC
* Windows 7 SP1: .NET Framework 3.5 is included, but you should update to .NET Framework 4.6 RC.
* Windows 8/8.1/10: To run XperiFirm, make sure you also extract "XperiFirm.exe.config" along with "XperiFirm.exe". [Thanks to aphanic]
* Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux or OS X users may delete "XperiFirm.exe.config".

* Due to how Mono works, controls will be misaligned. Sorry, but there's nothing I can do about it.

Install Mono for Linux:
$ sudo apt-get install mono-complete
Enter the following, or just double-click XperiFirm.exe:
$ mono XperiFirm.exe
* Gentoo/Funtoo:
Install Mono for Li
# emerge mono
Enter the following, or just double-click XperiFirm.exe:
# mono XperiFirm.exe
Apple OS X:

Install Mono for OS X:
Enter the following in Terminal:
$ mono XperiFirm.exe


v4.7.2 [June 1, 2015]:
- FIX: Finishing touches: UI on Mono was basically fixed, the text is now presented correctly.
- FIX: Fixed an issue with the new code design related to devices which share the same model (C6916). Note: You might need to set some of your Favorites again.
v4.7.1 [May 31, 2015]:
- MINOR: Annoying visual bug fixed. Re-releasing because couldn't find any other problems.
v4.7.0 [May 31, 2015]:
- NEW: XperiFirm has a new look, made especially to be beautiful on Windows 10. (But will look awful on Mono, sorry.)
- NEW: "Favorites" were added! Right-click on a model in the devices tree to add to favorites, and right-click on a model in the favorites tree to remove from favorites! [Requested feature]
- FIX: XperiFirm was internally redesigned to add these features and solve some bugs. Please report if anything goes wrong with the new code.
- MINOR: XperiFirm is now more specific if the unpacking fails due to long file paths.

Original Source from : HERE
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