15 April 2015

Android Tablet Touch solution free download here

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15 April 2015
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Android Tablet Touch solution free download here

Android Tablet Touch Screenshot:

This android tool not tested by me but testing very one who working in software related in technician field if this working so most useful for everyone some issue full flash tablet but touch not working so check this tool and give me result in below comment box so i share more in other forum. This tool work from adb driver so remember everyone if you want to use this tool so must install adb driver and also enable usb debugging without enable usb debugging you can't solve if this tool working very well so remember everyone.
Android Tablet Touch solution tool download here


1. Android Tablet (touch not working)
2. Micro usb cable
3. Computer or Laptop
4. Enable usb debugging (MUST)


1. Root your tablet
2. Must Enable usb debugging
3. Connect android tablet to Computer or Laptop
4. Click one by one touch button
5. You are done
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