Monday, June 16, 2014

All Samsung Multi file firmware only

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Monday, June 16, 2014
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In the realm of mobile technology, Samsung stands tall as one of the leading brands, admired for its innovation and reliability. However, even the most advanced Samsung devices encounter issues from time to time, such as software glitches, system crashes, or even a complete failure to boot up. This is where the concept of Samsung flash files comes into play, serving as a vital tool in the arsenal of smartphone repair technicians and enthusiasts.

Understanding the Basics:

Before diving into the intricacies, let's grasp the fundamental concept. A Samsung flash file, often referred to as firmware or ROM (Read-Only Memory), contains the operating system and software components necessary for a Samsung device to function. It's akin to the brain and nervous system of your smartphone, dictating how it operates and interacts with various applications and hardware components.

How They Work:

When your Samsung device encounters a software-related issue that cannot be resolved through conventional means like restarting or resetting, flashing the device with a compatible flash file becomes the go-to solution. This process involves replacing the existing firmware with a fresh copy, essentially restoring the device to its factory state.

Here's a simplified breakdown of how it works:

1. Identification: The technician or user identifies the specific model and variant of the Samsung device experiencing problems. This information is crucial for selecting the appropriate flash file, as using an incompatible file can worsen the issue or even brick the device.

2. Download: Once the device details are known, the compatible flash file is downloaded from official sources or reputable repositories. It's essential to obtain the firmware from trusted sources to ensure its authenticity and integrity.

3. Preparation: Before flashing the device, certain preparations are made, such as backing up essential data and ensuring that the device has sufficient battery charge to prevent any interruptions during the flashing process.

4. Flashing: The actual flashing process begins, during which the existing firmware is overwritten with the new one. This process requires specialized software tools and a connection between the Samsung device and a computer.

5. Verification: After flashing, the device undergoes a verification process to ensure that the new firmware has been successfully installed without any errors.

Why They Matter:

Samsung flash files play a crucial role in device maintenance and repair for several reasons:

  • Software Troubleshooting: Flashing can resolve various software-related issues, such as boot loops, system crashes, and unresponsive interfaces, restoring the device's functionality.
  • Security Updates: Flashing ensures that the device is running the latest version of the operating system, which often includes security patches and bug fixes to protect against vulnerabilities.
  • Customization: Enthusiasts often use custom flash files to modify and personalize their devices, adding features or optimizing performance according to their preferences.
In Conclusion:

Samsung flash files are indispensable tools for troubleshooting and maintaining Samsung devices. Whether it's fixing software glitches or keeping the device up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements, understanding how flash files work empowers users to make informed decisions and ensure the longevity of their smartphones.

Samsung i8190 the boot and modem data is in Code file Flash files
Samsung i8190N Flash files
Samsung I9003  Flash files
Samsung i9082 Flash files
Galaxy S5360 Flash files 
Galaxy S5570 Flash files
Galaxy S5570i Flash files
Samsung S5670 Flash files
Samsung S5830 Flash files
Samsung S6810P Firmware
Samsung S5830i Flash Files
Samsung i9300 FLASH FILES - DOWNLOAD-I9300XXDLJ4 v4.0.3

Samsung s7560 FLASH FILES
Samsung S7562 FLASH FILES
  • N7000XXKL8_N7000OXAKL8.zip Download here
  • Q1_20110914_16GB.pit File Download here
Samsung N7105 FLASH FILES
: Other separate files :
Samsung I9103 FLASH FILES - I9103JPKI3 v2.3.6-DOWNLOAD


Samsung i9505 FLASH FILES - I9505XXUFNA5 - 4.4.2 -DOWNLOAD

Samsung N9005 FLASH FILES - N9005XXUGNG1 V4.4.2-DOWNLOAD 

Samsung S7392 Flash file (tested) - S7392XWUAMK5_OXEAMK3

Samsung N8000-XXCLL6 FLASH FILES Download from here

Samsung I8200 Galaxy 4 file firmware I8200XXUAOB2_QXEAOB2_v4.2.2
Samsung I8200 Galaxy 4 file firmware I8200XXUANG1_OXEANG1_v4.2.2

Samsung P5100 FLASH FILES DOWNLOAD | Download
Samsung firmware s7262 - Download HERE
Samsung GT-S6802 - Download HERE
Samsung SM-G530H Stock Rom Firmware - Part-1 | Part-2 | Part-3 | Part-4 Pass : educells08

Samsung SGH-T399N 4 File Firmware Download HERE

Samsung S5312 Multi firmware Download HERE


Samsung Galaxy Grand NEO Plus I9060I Link 2 Download HERE

SM-N900ODDEBOB v5.0 Lollypop Download HERE

Samsung SM-G900F Firmware Download - Link 1 - Link 2 - Link 3

Samsung SM-G925_G925FXXU1AOCV_SER_Repair firmware 5.1.1 Download

Samsung SM-G925T_G925TUVU1AOCG_TMO_Repair firmware 5.0.1 Download

Samsung SM-G925T_G925TUVU2COF6_TMO_Repair firmware 5.1.1 Download

Galaxy s2 I9100 Flash files - DOWNLOAD | Mirror

Samsung S5830ijplb1 Flash files

Samsung I9001 FLASH FILES  - DOWNLOADI9001XXKPS 2.3.6

Samsung S6102 FLASH FILES - DOWNLOAD-S6102DDLJ1 v2.3.6

Samsung N7000 Flash files
Samsung GT-G7102 4.3 Jelly Bean Firmware Download here
Samsung i9500 FLASH FILES - DOWNLOAD-I9500UBUBMF3 4.2.2


Samsung G360H Firmware G360HDDU0ANL3_G360HOJV0ANL3

Samsung Galaxy I9200 4 files Firmware link here

Samsung I8200 Galaxy 4 file firmware I8200NXXUAOC1_OXAAOC1_v4.2.2

Samsung Glalaxy Y GT-6102 - Download HERE

Samsung GT-S6802 4 files Firmware - Download Link 1 Download Link 2

Samsung SM-G920F_G920FXXU2BOG8_SER_Repair Firmware 5.1.1 Download

Samsung Galaxy Core 2 SM-G355H(Multi Firmware) Download | Mirror

Samsung Galaxy S III I747 4.4.2 Download

Samsung A300F | A300FXXU1AOB8_OXY1AOB8

Samsung A300FU | A300FUXXU1ANL5_DDX1ANL9

Samsung A300G | A300GDXU1AOA4_OLC1AOA1

Samsung A300H | A300HXXU1AOB8_OXY1AOB8

Samsung A300HQ | A300HQXXU1AOD3_QTUR1AOD3

Samsung A300M | A300MUBU1AOC1_ZTO1AOC1

Samsung A300XU | A300XUXXU1ANL2_PAP1ANL2

Samsung A300XZ | A300XZXXU1ANL2_PAP1ANL2

Samsung A310F | A310FXXU1AOLE_VFG1AOL2

Samsung A500FU | A500FXXU1AOB2_SER1AOB1

Samsung A500G | A500GXAU1ANK2_ODD1ANK3

Samsung A500H | A500HXXU1AOC1_OXY1AOB1

Samsung A500XZ | A500XZXXU1ANL1_PAP1ANL1

Samsung A510F | A510FXXU1APA3_OXE1AOL3

Samsung A700F | A700FXXU2AOB2_DBT2AOA2

Samsung A700FD | A700FDXXU1AOAA_ODD1AOA4

Samsung A700H | A700HXXU1AOA6_OXE1AOA1

Samsung A700YD | A700YDZSU1BOL4_ZZH1BOL4

Samsung A710F | A710FXXU1APB2_OXY1APB1

Samsung A800F | A800FXXU1AOG7_ODD1AOG5

Samsung A800I | A800IXXU1AOJ1_OJV1AOJ1

Samsung E500F | E500FXXU1BOH7_ODD1BOH2

Samsung E500H | E500HXXU1ANLB_OJV1ANL7

Samsung E500M | E500MUBU1AOD1_UUB1AOD1

Samsung E700F | E700FXXU1ANLB_OJV1ANLB

Samsung E700H | E700HXXU1AOAA_OJV1AOAA

Samsung E700H | E700MUBU1AOE1_UUB1AOE1

Samsung E700M | E700MUBU1AOE1_UUB1AOE1

Samsung E7000 | E7000ZCU1AOA4_CHC1AOA4

Samsung G110H | G110HXXU0ANI6_OXA0ANI6

Samsung G130E | G130EXXU0AOC1_OXE0AOB1

Samsung G130H | G130HXXU0ANL1_OXE0ANI1

Samsung G130HN | G130HNXXU0ANL1_DBT0ANK1

Samsung G130M | G130MUBU0ANG9_THW0ANG4

Samsung G313H | G313HXXU0ANH1_OJV0ANH1

Samsung G316HU | G316HUDDU0AOE2_ODD0AOE2

Samsung G316M | G316MUBU0AOB3_UUB0AOB1

Samsung G350E | G350EXWU0ANF2_OJV0ANF7

Samsung G513F | G531FDDU1AOH2_ODD1AOH2

Samsung G531H | G531HDDU0AOH2_ODD0AOH2

Samsung G900H | G900HXXU1BOG5_ODD1BOG1

Samsung G900I | G900IDDU1BOD3_ODD1BOD2

Samsung G920I | G920IDVU1AOD1_ODD1AOD1

Samsung I5503 | I5503DDJG4_ODDJG4

Samsung I9060 | I9060DDUANJ1_DDUANJ1

Samsung J100G | J100GDDU0AOC2_ODD0AOC2

Samsung J110H | J110HXXU0AOGA_ODD0AOG9

Samsung P3100 | P3100DDCNA3_ODDCNB1

Samsung S5670 | S5670DDKB1_ODDKA3

Samsung S6312 | S6312DDAMB7_ODDAMC1

Samsung G800H | G800HXXU1BOI2_OXY1BOI2

Samsung G850A | G850AUCU1ANH8_ATT1ANH8


Samsung G900 | G900HXXU1BOG5_ODD1BOG1


Samsung G900AZ | G900AZTUU3BOG3_AIO3BOG3

Samsung G900F | G900FDXU1BOH4_OLB1BOH4 | G900FXXU1ANG2_OXE1ANG2

Samsung G900FD | G900FDXXU1BNL9_OXE1BNL9

Samsung G900FQ | G900FQJVU1BOF1_QTUR1BOF1

Samsung G900H | G900HXXU1ANK1_OXE1ANK3 | G900HXXU1BOG5_ODD1BOG1


Samsung G900M | G900MUBU1BOE1_IUS1BOE1

Samsung G900P | G900PVPU1ANE5_SPT1ANE5 | G900PVPU3BOG1_SPT3BOG1

Samsung G900T | G900TUVU1ANE6_TMB1ANE6

Samsung G900T1 | G900T1UVU1BOH1_TMB1BOH1

Samsung G900V | G900VVRU2BOG5_VZW2BOG5

Samsung G900W8 | G900W8VLU1BOC2_OYA1BOC2

Samsung G901F | G901FXXU1BOC4_PHN1BOC1 | G901FXXU1ANH6_VFG1ANI1

Samsung G903F | G903FXXU1AOI2_OXA1AOI2

Samsung G920A | G920AUCU3BOJ7_ATT3BOJ7


Samsung G920I | G920IDVU1AOD1_ODD1AOD1

Samsung G920P | G920PVPU1AOCF_SPT1AOCF

Samsung G920T | G920TUVU3DOI1_TMB3DOI1

Samsung G920V | G920VVRU1AOC3_VZW1AOC3



Samsung N900A | N910AUCU1ANIE_ATT1ANIE | N910AUCU1COC4_ATT1COC4 | 


Samsung N910F | N910FXXU1ANK4_OXA1ANK4 | N910FXXU1BOC3_VFG1BOC2

Samsung N910G | N910GDTU1ANK3_ODD1ANK3 | N910GDTU1BOE4_ODD1BOE1

Samsung N910H | N910HXXU1ANIF_OXE1ANIF

Samsung N910V | N910VVRU2BOG5_VZW2BOG5

Samsung N915 | N915FXXU1AOA4_OLC1AOA2


Samsung N920G | N920GUBU2AOJ4_ZTO2AOJ2

Samsung N920R4 | N920R4TYU1AOGE_USC1AOGE

Samsung T110 | T110XXUANI7_DBTANI1


Samsung T113 | T113XXU0AOB5_OXE0AOB4

Samsung T116 | T116XXU0AOA3_OXA0AOA3

Samsung T230 | T230XXU0ANJ4_DBT0ANJ3

Samsung T231 | T231XXU0ANE2_OJV0ANE2

Samsung J700F | J700FXXU1AOFJ_OJV1AOFJ

Samsung N7000 | N7000XXLSZ_OXELS7

Samsung SM-J710FN 4 files tested | Download 

Samsung SM-J710FN (India) | J710FXXU1APG5_J710FODD1APF6_INS

Samsung J500H - J500HXXU1AOG4_OXE1AOG4 | J500H-Full-Factory-ROM

Samsung I9152 Stock ROM firmware : Download | Download

Samsung G920i Android version 6.0.1 Firmware Download here (for All Country devices)
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  1. s5312 samsung multi flash file plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Replies
    1. Brother not any flash tool available without box :) if you want to flash then you can easy flash in Z3X or HWK box :)

  3. Samsung S6802 4 files firmware updated check page again :) thank you for comment here

  4. it seems that all of the files can't be found. I just need the multi-package of GT-N8000 including the PIT

  5. los link caidos en megas necesito s7560 samsung gracias

  6. Replies
    1. Link updated :) and if your device is dead then first try in bootrepair after try in flash :)

  7. Link updated :) please check again :) thank you for comment here

  8. can you please give me a link of full firmware of samsung gt-i8200 :(

  9. can you please give me a link where can i download the the multi firmware of gt-i9200 please please. thanks!

  10. Hello. Greetings please I'm in trouble because I flashed a custom rom in my SM-G355H after that I lost my imei number after I flashed custom ROM when imei is 000000000000/1 I can only do just emergency call no SMS can sending because Sim isn't detecting ..... Please give me my device firmware all files as showing all Samsung files phone.CSC.bootloader.modem and please I begging you guide me to backup my imei ???!

  11. Note 2 N7100 not working. also upload multifile please.

  12. sumssung j7 00h/ds flash firmware procedure

  13. Replies
    1. Aap Muje Download Mode ka photo do main uski sahi file deta hu

  14. Samsung Galaxy core prime G360h stock rom 4.4.2 link.

    1. Sorry I don't have link but you can download 4.4.4 from this link here

  15. s7582 working file plz
    3files are flashed but display screen lines problem

  16. hi sir what do i do? my samsung gt-s7392 flash done with odin but it freeze only in boot logo?

    1. Do Hard reset after flash using Volume Up + Home + Power key

  17. i need samsung gt i9070 product code chn flash file

  18. plz give me j200g new letest version 2017
    i have download many version old type in which my phon full flash but after flash phone stand on only samsung

    1. Give me Download Mode Screenshot of your mobile which you want to flash


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